The kick-arse guide to dealing with anything the world throws at you.


Australian Ky Furneaux – top Hollywood stuntwoman and wilderness expert – shares her experience to give women 100 things they need to know to meet the world head on and succeed.


Using four guiding principles – think positive, be prepared, be adaptable, educate yourself – Ky gives you the know-how and confidence to survive and thrive in any situation, whether it’s fixing a broken heel or staying safe in the city, finding water in the desert or navigating by the stars.


Embrace your potential, get out of your comfort zone and grab life with both hands!


“Every Australian teenage girl should read this.”
– South Coast Register


“I am very proud to say that Ky was my stunt double on 2 projects and I trusted her then and I trust her words in this book. Thank god she leaked some of her knowledge for women like me!.”
-Jill Wagner, Wipeout Host


“Practical commonsense advice.”


“Having three young daughters, it’s nice knowing there’s a survival book out there geared towards women. Enjoyable and educational.”
– Peter Facinelli, Actor


“Adelaide-born Ky, quite simply, is a bit of a legend . . . [her] message is heartening: we are ultimately in charge of our own lives and we have the power in a desperate situation to look after ourselves. But I would still prefer it if she was with me.”
– Weekly Times



Girls Own Survival Guide