G’day! My name is Malachi Conway and I live in Central Queensland (Australia) along with my wife Jessie and little man, Micah. Rocky Instincts is the result of the last 15 years of my passion for all things instinctual. I have grown up to love all of the skills that relate back to our humanly instincts including the learning achieved while practicing them. I believe that you too will love these skills, even if you don’t realise it yet! For all humans its natural – it’s our instinct.

We have been delivering workshops, demonstrations, lessons, programs and supplying resources for the past four years. Our clients range from hobbyists and interested individuals through to universities, schools, childcare centres, event organisers and service providers looking to deliver programs that teach their clients a range of skills relating back to their ancestors.

My motivation for beginning Rocky Instincts is to help people learn these basic (note: not easy!) skills and in turn help to keep these skills and knowledge alive. Rocky Instincts aims to be a helpful and enjoyable learning environment for anyone interested, especially those who lack the blessing of a face to face teacher.

Embrace your instincts and learn the skills that have stood the test of time!

Malachi Conway



I have been practising traditional skills and sharing my passion since I can remember. I develop new workshop material, work in business development and deliver a range of workshops that spark the passion in others for learning the skills of our ancestors.  Im also a dad to Micah and a husband to Jessie who works with me! 

Mick Walton
Jessie Conway

Stakeholder Engagement 


I mainly work with clients and staff to make sure our workshops are organised smoothly and meets each of our clients needs. I also manage all our bookwork, business development, marketing, stakeholder engagement activities and am also a mum of a very amazing 4 year old Micah! I also deliver workshops on the odd occasion to help out Malachi! 

Ben Cooper

Workshop Facilitator


I've been working with Rocky Instincts since 2019 when I can - I have a keen passion for bush craft and survival skills. They are amazing things to practice which I do with my own kids and family. I also work in the entertainment and rigging industry and have done many shows and productions for local schools and Council. 



I've been helping Rocky Instincts out for the last few years running workshops and helping mentor young men and women. I really enjoy being able to provide advice based on my own experiences and also love practicing bush skills when I can! 


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